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Yanchep National Park

About Yanchep Golf Estate

Nestled between Yanchep National Park and the unspoiled beaches of Yanchep Lagoon, Peet’s Yanchep Golf Estate wraps its way around the rolling fairways of
Sun City Country Club.

Live amoungst stunning natural beauty at Yanchep Golf Estate.

Yanchep Golf Estate will include a neighbourhood activity centre and a primary school, as well as access to a town centre with more schools, specialty shops, a hospital, a community centre and amenities.

Then there’s the growing community; the large blocks will soon be home to approximately 1,500 households. These residents will enjoy beautifully landscaped parklands, playgrounds, a walking trail, and areas of natural
bushland – all designed to fit in seamlessly with the golf course.

Even with future growth and development in the area, Yanchep Golf Estate will stay green for life. Our carefully designed landscape strategy will ensure a wonderful leafy environment is created for you to come home to. That’s the unique vision for Yanchep Golf Estate.

View our house and land packages and join the growing community at Yanchep Golf Estate.