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Grace and Alan Hale
Grace and Alan Hale fell in love with Yanchep Golf Estate at first sight.

“We love the peace and quiet, the surrounding nature and the community feel of the estate,” she said, “and that’s part of the reason why we chose to buy here.”

“We met a lovely older couple that live near us they’ve invited us over for tea and coffee and said they can give us some gardening tips – I don’t have much of a green thumb so I can’t wait for their advice.”

“And there’s another family with kids just around the corner, and you always see them riding their bikes around the streets. That’s one of the things we’ve really noticed since we’ve been here – it is such a community.”

Grace and Alan moved into their new home early 2015.

cath and colin byrneCath and Colin Byrne
Cath and Colin Byrne of Kingsley fell in love with Yanchep Golf Estate’s green potential as well as the future plans for the area.  

“You’ve got the beach and trees hand in hand in Yanchep. It feels rural but is still within reach of the city, especially once the train line is extended, and you are part of a community with access to all important amenities.

“Trees take so many years to mature and get to a size which makes a neighbourhood feel established, but Yanchep Golf Estate is taking a fresh approach and we believe it will have real long term community benefits as well as environmental ones.”

colin vannColin Vann
Long-time Wanneroo residents Colin and Yvonne Vann knew they wanted to find the right community in a good location in order to fulfil their retirement dreams.
“When we first visited Yanchep Golf Estate we really liked what we saw in terms of location, the types of blocks available and cost.  
“Yanchep has a dynamic local community in terms of environmentalism and sustainability so I’m really pleased that we’re going to be moving here from Wanneroo.  
“We’ve bought a cottage block and are working on plans to build a 3 x 2. There are plenty of facilities nearby so we are confident that we’ll quickly be able to establish a lifestyle that we’ll both enjoy.  A friend of mine is already trying to get me to join up to the local bowling clubs, and who knows, maybe I will give golf another try once it’s on my doorstep.”

ken & pauline staveleyKen & Pauline Staveley
Having moved to Perth from the UK in 2011 to be closer to their family, Kenneth and Pauline Staveley were won over by Yanchep and Sun City Country Club.

“On a visit to WA a few years ago, we attended a function at the Sun City Country Club and had our first taste of the golf course life.

“Picture this: the sun setting over the rolling greens, kangaroos in the distance. Now I’m a non-golfer but at that moment I really wanted to pick up a club and have go, it was just beautiful."

vicki and grant telferVicki and Grant Telfer
Having plenty of space around them was a priority for Vicki and Grant Telfer who currently live on a five acre property in Henley Brook.

“We knew that in the future we’d like to build our retirement home in the northern coastal area because it’ll enable us to live closer to our children and grandchildren.

“It was also really important to us to find a location that would make it easier to have a lifestyle balance. Grant’s a keen golfer and loves fishing but at the moment between commitments at work and home struggles to find the time to do either.